The Philosophy

The idea of “A Fat Five Minutes” simply means having a full experience for however long you are in the company of another person. The time together includes being 100% present, 100% engaged,100% in appreciation, and 100% uninhibited creating¬†quality for however long that time lasts…¬†5 seconds, 10 mins, 24 hrs, 2 yrs or 50 yrs. Being so engaged that the rest of the world melts away.

We’ve all had those moments in our lives and some have been fortunate enough to create loving relationships grounded within these concepts but by being more diligent and disciplined everyone can make them an everyday part of their existence.

The Human to Human connection is important to our survival as a species. Keep it quality by taking a break from distractions, phones, computers, and etc. more often than not when engaging with others.


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