The Reason

Traffic on a street at night, long exposure.

The reason for A Fat Five is simple because there are too many families in front of their computers instead of engaging each other over a nice dinner. Too many children playing Minecraft on their iPads instead of looking at you or talking to you when you talk to them. Lots of cafes full of people on their computers and phones instead of talking to one another. And ultimately too many human beings out there that cannot unplug themselves from their choice of technology without the risk of a panic attack while there are so many people feeling a lack of intimacy in there daily lives.

In todays world, there are too many things to do with too much responsibility. And many of these things require the use of modern technology. But when do we get a chance to take a look into someone else’s eyes and really see them, climb a tree together, play a game in the car on a road trip, or get a full experience with another person without the use of technology as a babysitter, distraction, or a stand-in for our voice?

As the great George Carlin once said, “Do today’s kids even know what a stick is? You know, you sit in the yard with a … stick and you dig a … hole; and you look at the hole and you look at the stick and you have a little fun.”

The idea that technology can be too much of a distraction or creating more isolation is still new but possible none the less and for some a harsh reality. Is our technology working for us or are we working for it and what are the long term effects on generations to come? Will there be a point that our children won’t know what a stick is without looking it up online?