What alternatives to the use of technology can you come up with when spending time together? What did we do before the invention of the smart phone, DVD players, or tablets? Can you remember? If not does your parents or grandparents remember?


Here we are collecting stories. Your examples. We would like to ask you to email one story or example about activities: i.e. games, interactions, or tricks you, your family, and/or friends used to entertain each other while driving, waiting for appointments or flights, sitting around the family room, or playing outdoors. Please don’t include times where technology was used and these examples should be happy and/or fond memories.

Please email: [email protected]

In the subject line of the email:¬†First Name, Last Name Initial, City, State, and the word “Stories”.

In the body of the email: The Story (a short (one paragraph or two) written by you) and contact information: i.e. current email address

Or you can email a short video clip of you telling the story which A Fat 5 Mins can use on the site to share with others.